Thursday, September 27, 2012

twenty minutes

I ran for twenty minutes without stopping today. Who am I?! That has been the one day of Couch to 5k that I've been stuck on. My legs kept giving out, my calves screaming in pain after barely ten minutes. 

I switched up my sneakers and now the calf pain is essentially gone and I can run much further than I could before. I decided to finally tackle the 20 minutes of running, no walking. It went so well! I felt like I could even keep going once the 20 minutes was up (I didn't, baby steps here people). I'm still extremely slow, but right now I'm focusing on endurance rather than speed or distance. 

Next week I'm going to work on improving my time for a mile. I'd like to try to add in more running days, even if it's just a mile. My town has a 5k coming up on November 4th, and I'm thinking about signing up. I'm NOWHERE near being ready for it, but maybe it will give me something to work towards?


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