Monday, March 25, 2013

North Carolina March 2013

At the beginning of March I flew down to North Carolina to visit my BFF Helen. Her birthday was the 9th and mine was the 13th so we thought a little birthday visit was in order and our lucky stars aligned and made it possible (but we missed G SO BAD :). 

The day I left the weather was NASTY in New England. Gross sleety snowy windy gross. But my flight took off on time, thank you JetBlue! We did have to be de-iced before we could take off, which I've never experienced before. Basically trucks come by and spray the plane with industrial windshield wiper fluid.

By the time we reached altitude there were blue skies and white puffy clouds, though! I legit only took pictures on the plane or while traveling because I was alone. We took zero pictures while we were together, which is shameful. Then again, all we did was eat and nap and relax. It was GLORIOUS. Work has been so stressful and it was perfect to just get away and disconnect and not have to do anything strenuous, haha. I read the entire first book of Beautiful Creatures. I am feeling "meh" about them so far. I'm halfway through the second one now.

That's Charlotte, that tiny grouping of buildings up there. I tried to take a comparable picture of Boston, but the airport isn't in a good location for it. Charlotte just looks so sad and lonely sitting there like that.


Oh we did get tattoos! Duh. That was our birthday gift to ourselves/each other, we went and got tattoos! Mine means "what will be, will be" in Italian. Or it should. I sure as hell hope it does. ;)

I love traveling, but there's nothing like coming home. I was actually glad to see the snow on the ground when I got back! Damn you, New England. I just love to hate you.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorite: Barre Workout

On Wednesday night G and I went to our first ever real life barre class. I told you guys we'd been doing some DVDs and loved them, so when a LivingSocial deal to a popular place in the area popped up we snagged it.

We are addicted.

We are going to go broke going to barre classes. Why is fitness so expensive?! It's $15 a class, man. If you only go once a week that's still $60/mo. More expensive than some gym memberships. Life is cruel.

So we're saving all our monies to do this. Because it is awesome. You should all try it out for yourselves. Get some DVDs, YouTube that shit, go to a class if you can. This is a no joke workout that is also super fun.

That's a picture of G and I up there. It was taken at A bar, not AT barre. Why is my head so much larger than normal people's heads?

Must be my big, super intelligent brain.

Anyway, this is what people doing barre look like:

When I told a co-worker I went to a barre class she said "Do you dress like ballerinas?!" and was disappointed when I said no. I'm sure we could dress like ballerinas if we wanted to. Maybe next time.

My calves and booty and thighs are keeeeling me. I love it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorite: Hoodie Footie

What: The Hoodie Footie

Why: Um, look at this thing. It could not BE any more cozy and comfy. This is your best friend when you are sick, cold, sad, happy, have no more clean clothes....It's really a romper for all occasions. Made out of the softest material ever. So you look like you're wearing the bunny costume from A Christmas Story. Doesn't matter. It's worth it.

Price: $79.99, which is obscene. I only own this because someone gave it to my mom as a gift and she didn't want it. YOUR LOSS, MOM.

And because I don't really care what people on The Internet think of me, here is a picture of me wearing mine. You're welcome.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

February 2013 Recap

So it's been March for two weeks, but here I am.

February was such a short month, it was over before it really began. I didn't do a heck of a lot. It's my least favorite month - the depths of winter, no days off of work, ugh. Luckily that it IS short.

It was a good month for me this year - at least I have no bad memories of it. If I'm going to continue doing recaps I really should be better at documenting what the hell I did all month. Because damned if I remember.

Mostly I stayed home, puttering. My horoscope told me to lay low, so I did just that.

Did I tell you guys I've been doing the Physique57 workouts? A friend of mine told me about the DVDs, so naturally I ran right off and bought them. I am obsessed. They're hard enough to be a challenge, but not so difficult they're impossible. My friend and I loved them so much, that when a LivingSocial deal for barre classes popped up we snagged it. We cannot wait to try an actual class. We will probably die.

I also went to another Boston Blogger meet up! I hadn't been to one in so long (because I basically stopped blogging) so it was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new people, too! Above is what I wore. Pardon the crappy mirror pic and the general mess of that room. Those are amazing floral silk trousers. YES. 

 I'm pretty much the worst at networking at these things, though. I forget I'm supposed to be talking about my blog, so when people ask "What do you blog about?" I inevitably answer "Meh, stuff? Like, my life? I guess." So eloquent. But I mean really, what is this blog? I write about spying on my landlord and things I like. It's a weird place.

Anyway, I have some post ideas in the works, so hopefully things will be picking up 'round here! No promises though. You know me.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

27th Birthday

Celebrating my birthday today! Out for Thai at work and chocolate cake. Had these gorgeous flowers sent to me, and the weather is beeeeyoutiful. Twenty-seven, I like you so far.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Best Friend!

Wishing a very, very happy birthday to one of my very bestest friends today!

Thank you for always being there and keeping me on the safe end of the crazy spectrum. I don't know what I would do without you!

Also, before you get mad I posed that first picture on the Internets, I only did it as photographic evidence we are only getting better looking with age. Next year we'll be blinding people with our beauty.

Monday, March 4, 2013

She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

So, I locked myself out of my apartment Saturday morning.

It was traumatic.

I had Mia (my mom's dog) over for a sleepover Friday night because it was her birthday. Jamie, our best friend (and human), came over on Friday night for some pizza and dranks. So Mia was psyched and that was her birthday gift from me.

Saturday morning I woke up and needed to do laundry. My apartment has a back door, which is the one I regularly use, and a front door, which leads to the front hall and only gets used when I'm doing laundry. The back door has a lock on the door knob and a deadbolt lock. The front door just has a deadbolt lock.

I grabbed the laundry and headed for the front door. Mia tried to follow me, but the basement is really not even safe for humans so my precious puppy definitely is not allowed down there. "Stay here!" I told her, and closed the front door.

I closed the front door.

The deadbolt clicked into place. Shit.

I turned the handle, hoping that by some miracle it didn't catch and lock. No such luck. Okay, can't get back in that way. I went down and put the laundry in. What else was I supposed to do? These towels weren't gonna wash themselves. I figured I could get outside from the basement and just use the spare key I keep hidden to get in through the backdoor. I was in my pajamas, but this would be super sneaky and no one would see me.

Then I remembered that I lock the deadbolt on the back door at night. Dammit. If only I wasn't afraid of someone breaking in and killing me in my sleep! I hoped that maybe I'd forgotten to lock the deadbolt the night before, just maybe. So I went to open the bulkhead that opens into the backyard. Nope. It was either super stuck or locked from the outside. My only other option was the front door. That opens directly on to a busy street.

I am wearing boxer shorts and a tshirt and it's March in New England. I dug a trench coat out of storage so now I look like I'm naked except for a trench coat and slippers, and I head out the front door and hustle around to the back and get my spare key.

But sure enough, the deadbolt is locked. I start to whimper to myself as Mia barks on the other side of the door.

"Lassie! Unlock the door Lassie!" I called inside. Silence. Then the pitter-patter of paws walking away from the door.


I am completely locked out with no hope of getting inside. Landlord is away for the weekend (or at least I assumed, since he hadn't been home in a day or so) and Frank Next Door wasn't home either. That ends the list of neighbors I've spoken to. I wanted to cry.

I had no choice but to try and break in. There's a window on the porch which I obviously keep locked to keep out those killers I worry about. I contemplated breaking the window to unlock it but then decided I'd better look for other options first.

I settled on the bathroom window, because it just so happened to already have a missing pane so I could reach through and unlock it, and it also happened to have a pile of wood under it that I could put a deck chair on top of and climb up to the window.

So, my apartment is totally killer-proof.

I climbed up my makeshift ladder and shoved that damn window open and me and my trench coat and boxer shorts flashed everyone driving by at that moment as I heaved myself through the window.

I was in!

I hurried to find poor Mia, who I was sure would be a nervous wreck. I knew I was shaken up and traumatized and so happy I managed to MacGyver my way back into my apartment.

She was sitting in the living room with her toy, happy as a clam. She looked up at me as if to say "Oh hey, you're back! That's nice."



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