Thursday, March 11, 2010

slap in the face

I had a doctor's appointment the other day (just a check up!) and when they had me get on the scale I nearly died at the number that popped up. It was so much nicer before the scales were digital. Now these huge numbers blare your weight right in your face. I know I said my goal was to diet and exercise and finally lose the weight, but none of that has happened. :(

I really need to get myself on track. I was reading this month's Glamour this morning and they had a little piece about how small changes can make a big difference, so I've decided to try the small changes plan. They had a little story about a girl my age who lost 80lbs by making one change, continuing to stick to that one change until it became a habit, then adding another small change to her routine. This seems like a good idea, since I know what a quitter I am. So I am going to make one or two small changes every month and see how it goes. I do believe it takes 30 days before something becomes a "habit." At the end of the month, if I stuck with my plan, I'll reward myself with something small, like a song from iTunes or a coffee from Starbucks.

This month my goal is to work on my portion control. This means actually stopping eating when I am full, instead of continuing because something is delicious. I hav


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