Thursday, March 18, 2010

this brings back some unpleasant memories...

I stumbled upon this blog this morning, and it's had me completely captivated for the past 45 minutes. It's written by a teacher who has vowed to eat only the school lunches her school provides for all of 2010. She posts pictures. It's disgusting and I cannot believe she has made it this far! I don't think I could bear it.

I remember what school lunches were like when I was in school, and I rarely ate them because they looked so bad. As an adult, seeing them again after so many years is only more disgusting. How can they serve this stuff to kids? It's appalling. Not only that, but the school this woman works for has TAKEN AWAY RECESS. Are you kidding me? There will be a whole generation of kids who don't even know what recess is. We have a problem with obesity in this country, and now it looks pretty obvious why. Schools are giving our children disgusting processed food and not allowing them exercise. It makes me glad I don't have children. I've been mulling over going back to school to be a teacher, but after reading the things I have been lately about this country's school system, I'm not sure I can stomach it.

Anyway, check out the blog! Fed Up With School Lunch

The posts by teachers at other school's, particularly the teacher in Japan, are very interesting as well.


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