Wednesday, October 5, 2011

breton stripe




I cut my hair you guys! I needed a fall refresher, so I cut off all the scraggly dead ends and colored it a bit. I seriously love it. I also seriously love this shirt, and these boots, and this whole outfit really. I got this shirt at Uniqlo when I was in New York in August. I think I wore it the entire weekend I took these pictures, it's amazing.


We've been having the craziest weather here. It's been muggy and warm most of the time, then yesterday morning we had an insane thunderstorm with torrential downpours. There was flooding everywhere and the morning commute yesterday was a mess - roads closed all over the place. School was even cancelled in my town because it flooded so bad. Today? Warm and sunny, a perfect fall day. Then tomorrow the temperatures are going to drop. This weekend? Sunny and near 80. What the heck, fall, get your act together! I'm going to the Topsfield Fair this weekend and really just wanted a crisp fall day for it. I shouldn't complain about the warm weather, I know, but I am so ready for fall.

Top - Uniqlo
Shorts - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Boots - Minnetonka via Madewell


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