Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Weekend

Last weekend was a good one. I'm just on a roll with good weekends lately. Not complaining.

Boyfriend was finally back from his trip (did I mention he was away last week? He was away last week. I was SO LONELY) so I was looking forward to spending the whole weekend with him. Happily, the sun also decided to come out for his return after the crap weather we had last week.

Friday night we ordered pizza from out favorite place, had our current favorite beer (Magic Hat Elder Betty - if you can find it where you live, get it. It's delicious. Also, if you're ever in Burlington, VT go on their brew tour. It's a good one.) and went to bed early.

Unfortunately the boy works the overnight shift so he had to go into work that night, but our Saturday morning routine involves him bringing me Dunks when he comes home from work so I can't complain. Saturday afternoon was spent lounging until we stopped by my mom's to pick up some stuff and then he took me tool shopping.

Yeah, it's as awful as it sounds. I felt bad for every time I've dragged him shoe shopping.

Then we took the bike up to Gloucester for dinner at the Cape Ann Brewery and ate outside to enjoy the lovely weather. Sunday was spent lounging in mom's backyard with Glamour and my puppy love, Mia.

Lots of much needed lounging happened this weekend and I loved every minute! How was your weekend?


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