Friday, June 11, 2010

for the birds

Roughly transcribed conversation that took place between Boyfriend and I last night:

Me: Gosh, what do I want to do right now? I really feel like going to the mall but I know I'll have more time tomorrow.
Boyfriend: ...
M: It's like I just get this feeling inside me and I NEED TO SHOP. I don't even need to buy anything, I just need to be in the presence of purchasable items.
B: Yep. [news about oil spill comes on TV]
M: I feel like I should do something for those birds. With the oil. Like can't we go and clean them? Can't we just bring our own Dawn and wash some birds? Those poor birds.
B: You want to go to Louisiana to wash birds? I'm already using my vacation time, I don't have time off for that.
M: I don't even have any vacation time left. I'd just go, it's a good cause. I feel like work would have to pay me for that, for being a good Samaritan.
B: They probably wouldn't.
M: Yeah, you're probably right. [pause] I just have this feeling! Like I can't even control it. I just need to be at the mall!
B: The mall!? I thought we were talking about the oil birds! You just jumped from saving the birds to going to the mall all in one train of thought!
M: My brain works in mysterious ways.


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