Thursday, June 10, 2010

shopping sleuth

So I am a big fan of ModCloth for their interesting collection of t-shirts and dresses. I am wearing my Catcher in the Rye shirt I got from them right now! I've had this dress on my Wish List for a few weeks now. I can wear it to work when it's hot without a cardigan over it because it has sleeves, and it also has pockets. This makes it awesome. It is, however, a little pricey for el cheapo me.

This morning I was perusing the Forever21 site, and came across this. Imagine my surprise/glee:

Qu'est-ce que c'est? Looks like the same dress to me. For a fraction of the price. And, if I am a very lucky girl, I will be able to find it in the store and won't even have to pay shipping. Because now I have to have this dress. I don't know who the one from ModCloth is made by - I can't find that info on the site. If the Forever 21 dress is a knockoff, it is spot on and that is fine with me. It's even got the pockets! El Cheapo wins again.

EDIT: I actually posted a comment in the reviews section of the ModCloth site, not to be nasty to them, but I feel like I should alert my other shopping lovers of a good deal. ModCloth rejected my review, on the grounds I didn't buy the item, but they wrote a very nice email explaining their pricing policies. They got back to me so quickly and took the time to write a personal email. Rare in customer service these days. So ModCloth, you still rock!


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