Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorite: Barre Workout

On Wednesday night G and I went to our first ever real life barre class. I told you guys we'd been doing some DVDs and loved them, so when a LivingSocial deal to a popular place in the area popped up we snagged it.

We are addicted.

We are going to go broke going to barre classes. Why is fitness so expensive?! It's $15 a class, man. If you only go once a week that's still $60/mo. More expensive than some gym memberships. Life is cruel.

So we're saving all our monies to do this. Because it is awesome. You should all try it out for yourselves. Get some DVDs, YouTube that shit, go to a class if you can. This is a no joke workout that is also super fun.

That's a picture of G and I up there. It was taken at A bar, not AT barre. Why is my head so much larger than normal people's heads?

Must be my big, super intelligent brain.

Anyway, this is what people doing barre look like:

When I told a co-worker I went to a barre class she said "Do you dress like ballerinas?!" and was disappointed when I said no. I'm sure we could dress like ballerinas if we wanted to. Maybe next time.

My calves and booty and thighs are keeeeling me. I love it.


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