Thursday, March 14, 2013

February 2013 Recap

So it's been March for two weeks, but here I am.

February was such a short month, it was over before it really began. I didn't do a heck of a lot. It's my least favorite month - the depths of winter, no days off of work, ugh. Luckily that it IS short.

It was a good month for me this year - at least I have no bad memories of it. If I'm going to continue doing recaps I really should be better at documenting what the hell I did all month. Because damned if I remember.

Mostly I stayed home, puttering. My horoscope told me to lay low, so I did just that.

Did I tell you guys I've been doing the Physique57 workouts? A friend of mine told me about the DVDs, so naturally I ran right off and bought them. I am obsessed. They're hard enough to be a challenge, but not so difficult they're impossible. My friend and I loved them so much, that when a LivingSocial deal for barre classes popped up we snagged it. We cannot wait to try an actual class. We will probably die.

I also went to another Boston Blogger meet up! I hadn't been to one in so long (because I basically stopped blogging) so it was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new people, too! Above is what I wore. Pardon the crappy mirror pic and the general mess of that room. Those are amazing floral silk trousers. YES. 

 I'm pretty much the worst at networking at these things, though. I forget I'm supposed to be talking about my blog, so when people ask "What do you blog about?" I inevitably answer "Meh, stuff? Like, my life? I guess." So eloquent. But I mean really, what is this blog? I write about spying on my landlord and things I like. It's a weird place.

Anyway, I have some post ideas in the works, so hopefully things will be picking up 'round here! No promises though. You know me.


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