Monday, March 25, 2013

North Carolina March 2013

At the beginning of March I flew down to North Carolina to visit my BFF Helen. Her birthday was the 9th and mine was the 13th so we thought a little birthday visit was in order and our lucky stars aligned and made it possible (but we missed G SO BAD :). 

The day I left the weather was NASTY in New England. Gross sleety snowy windy gross. But my flight took off on time, thank you JetBlue! We did have to be de-iced before we could take off, which I've never experienced before. Basically trucks come by and spray the plane with industrial windshield wiper fluid.

By the time we reached altitude there were blue skies and white puffy clouds, though! I legit only took pictures on the plane or while traveling because I was alone. We took zero pictures while we were together, which is shameful. Then again, all we did was eat and nap and relax. It was GLORIOUS. Work has been so stressful and it was perfect to just get away and disconnect and not have to do anything strenuous, haha. I read the entire first book of Beautiful Creatures. I am feeling "meh" about them so far. I'm halfway through the second one now.

That's Charlotte, that tiny grouping of buildings up there. I tried to take a comparable picture of Boston, but the airport isn't in a good location for it. Charlotte just looks so sad and lonely sitting there like that.


Oh we did get tattoos! Duh. That was our birthday gift to ourselves/each other, we went and got tattoos! Mine means "what will be, will be" in Italian. Or it should. I sure as hell hope it does. ;)

I love traveling, but there's nothing like coming home. I was actually glad to see the snow on the ground when I got back! Damn you, New England. I just love to hate you.


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