Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Move Part I

The move has been going on for the past ten days.

I am sick of moving.

It's nice that we don't have anywhere we need to be out of, but that's also made us a bit lazy about moving. Not to mention neither of us were packed before we started, so we're basically just bringing things over by the car-full and dumping it.

Before we could even bring anything over, the entire place had to be scrubbed within an inch of it's life. And painted. That took FOR-EV-ER. Now things are finally starting to come together and look adorable and homey.
the office/spare room with a really crooked floor | painting our bedroom | first coat done! | skyline steel is the color we (I) chose
living room before | another angle with boyfriend creepin' | during the painting process | almost finished
kitchen before (seriously grody) | signing the lease | the mini-counter | coming together!
Up next? Getting a new dishwasher out of the landlord because - EW.


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