Thursday, June 16, 2011

neon + neutral

I've been stalking Kristina's Blogger's Do It Better feature since she started it, but kept missing the deadlines. I finally managed this one - Neon + Neutral. This is actually a trend I think is really cool, because I kind of love neon things. Though when the time came to put together an outfit, it turned out I don't own a whole lot of neon. I don't know how this happened.

[Shirt - Madewell/Shorts - Old Navy/Belt - Target/Clutch - DIY'd American Apparel/Shoes - Sam Edelman/Necklace (worn as bracelet) - vintage/Bead bracelet - Express?]




This challenge just so happened to perfectly coincide with my newest DIY project. I decided my leather American Apparel clutch needed a neon stripe across the bottom. I used this tutorial and got crackin'. 

Clearly I haven't done crafts in awhile, because this project was more confusing to me than I anticipated. First I went to the craft store and wandered into the paint section. There were no neons. Everything was expensive. I was confused. "Where are those little squeeze bottles of paint we used to always use on crafts when I was a kid? They came in eighty bajillion colors! Do they not make them anymore?" I wondered, as I selected a lame looking yellow and hoped it would have the effect I wanted. Then I looked for paint brushes. "What the hell, where are those cheap foam brushes? Why are these so fancy? I'm not painting a portrait here, just this little clutch." I definitely was not buying some fancy-ass paintbrush, so I wandered a bit more, and LO AND BEHOLD I found the aisle with the little squeezy bottles of paint and my beloved foam brushes. Peace was restored at A.C. Moore.


A few notes about the process if you want to try it:
  • Electrical tape is not a great substitute for painter's tape. As you can see above, we had some seepage.
  • You will need to do approximately 68,767,854 coats of paint if you pick a pale color like I did. I can only assume this is normal. It didn't seem to effect the bag.
  • I'm not sure you need to water down the white primer paint, as she suggests. I've only done one side but on the other side I'm not going to water down that first layer. The bag color still showed through, so I am thinking a solid white might help with this. 
I got about 50 mosquito bites taking these pictures, so I'm going to go scratch them and whine. Enjoy your night, everyone!


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