Wednesday, June 15, 2011

southern lady

This is the final Savannah post, which means that I guess I have to finally accept the fact that I am home now and vacation is over. Le sigh. I've totally got a backlog of outfit posts from before the trip too. I have just been chillin' over here, dressed like a bum and not taking pictures. ;)

[Dress - H&M/Sandals - American Eagle/Hat - Forever 21/Bag - Dooney & Bourke]



Boyfriend and I are kind of looking for another apartment. We're not huge on renting again, but we're also not big on living apart. We figure if we find something worthwhile we'll move, if not we'll stay where we are. Rent is just so expensive around here, and we'd still be living in a dump site in the ghetto. Damn you, Northeast! Don't even get me started on buying a house around here. I'd love to relocate somewhere more affordable, but I doubt that's something that would actually happen.




In other news, my work computer finally died! If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed of the few times I tweet, a bunch of them have just been complaining about that shitty computer. It finally kicked the bucket yesterday and a new one has been ordered for me! I'm so pumped. Of course, until then I have to work on whatever spare computer I can find every day, which is awful, but I'll deal. There's nothing like a fresh new computer.


Jamie snapped this last pic just after I stumbled over the curb like an idiot. What a good friend, capturing a moment like that! (Okay fine, might be payback for that time at her birthday a lawn chair collapsed and instead of helping her we all whipped out out cameras...)


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