Wednesday, June 8, 2011

river street

This outfit is from out first night in Savannah. I am obsessed with the color of this dress.


[Dress - Forever 21/Wedges - Nine West/Belt - J.Crew Outlet/Sunnies - Ray Ban]

I kept the rest of the outfit simple with neutral accessories. I was on vacation after all, and the color of the dress stands on its own quite nicely. I think it will be fun to mix with other bright colors though, too.

Please ignore my flat greasy looking hair. Before the trip I decided to try the new Organix Keratin Smoothing 30 Day Treatment. I didn't have high hopes - I'd tried the Garnier one and it was lame. But this one? Amazing. You slather this treatment on and blowdry and flat iron it into your hair, similar to a professional keratin treatment you'd get in a salon. You can't wash your hair for two days, which is why I look like a street urchin, but when I finally did wash it out, boy I was I surprised!
My hair was stick straight and completely frizz-less. My hair is kind of messy-wavy and frizzes like nothing else at even a whisper of humidity. After I used this product I could let my hair air dry after the shower and it's perfectly straight and soft. It was a bit too straight at first, but it's about two weeks later and it dries a bit fluffier on it's own now. I haven't used a blow drier or flat iron on it once since I did this treatment. It's so perfect for the summer.


Special thanks to my super best friend and amazing vacation photographer! She put up with all my vain photo taking and even told me my legs looked skinny! Love you Biffy!!



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