Tuesday, June 7, 2011

savannah: part 2

We spent our second full day in Savannah just wandering around the town. We leisurely strolled through many of the squares, took in all the beautiful architecture, and grabbed some nice cool drinks at the Sentient Bean while we walked around Forsyth Park.

 We found an amazing breakfast place right across from our hotel called Goose Feathers. Their bread pudding is to die for! We ate lunch at the Six Pence Pub, which was a little British place. Then we got ice cream at Leopold's. Told you we did a lot of eating! We capped off our day with a tour of the Mercer House, where we had our first celebrity run in! We'd seen earlier that morning that Sofia Vergara (Gloria from Modern Family) was in town, and thought nothing of it. She ended up being part of our tour group!

Unfortunately, she and her boyfriend showed up a bit late and booked it out of there once the tour was over and photos weren't allowed on the tour. But she was there! Jamie and I both saw her because she was wearing a cute sundress with a scarf (It was a summer scarf, but it was 95 degrees. Way too hot for any scarf!). Then it clicked that we knew her!

We went back to the hotel and read outside on the terrace for awhile before gearing up for our dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons. We originally weren't going to go, since it didn't get great reviews and we'd heard it was awful to get into. We did end up with late reservations, but it worked out perfectly for us since we'd been eating all day and needed to recuperate! We ordered calamari for our appetizer, and it was a HUGE plate. I had the chicken pot pie...delish! It was just so much food!

We spent the next day out on Tybee Island sunning ourselves and splashing around in the bath-water warm ocean. It was so beautiful out there, and I was so happy we got in a beach day! They have a shuttle from the visitor's center that cost $6 round trip and took us right out to Tybee at 10am and dropped us at the beach. The bus had return trips to Savannah at 2:30 and 5:30, but we headed home at 2:30 since it was so freaking hot.

Since it was our last night, we made our way over to Lulu's Chocolate Bar and had ourselves some booze and dessert. We had a strawberry suspension cake slice and my drink was called the...wait for it...Sparklebomb! How could I not get that?! It was amazing and had a flower floating in it. We actually hustled back to the hotel in time to catch the tail end of The Voice like huge nerds.

Our return flight home was a disaster. There were major thunderstorms and tornadoes (!!) in the Northeast and Massachusetts, so all our flights were delayed, we missed our connecting flight, and didn't get home until 1am. When we were supposed to be home at 8pm. Yikes. Aside from our travel snafus, the trip was amazing and we can't wait to go back! I love Savannah. I'd move there in a heartbeat!


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