Sunday, June 12, 2011

wandering the squares



Day two in Savannah. Something light and easy for a hot, hot day of walking around. I affectionately call these shorts my diaper shorts, since I am fully aware of how diaper-like they are. I am also fully aware of how comfortable and breezy they are, and how much I love them. Even though things get really awkward when I sit down.


[Tank - Express/Shorts - H&M/Necklace - NY&Co./Sandals - American Eagle/Sunnies - Ray Ban]

I actually really liked this outfit and I was comfortable all day. It was definitely a good hot weather vacation outfit, that's for sure. This is the day that we toured the Mercer House and ate non-stop. So the extra room in the shorts was quite welcome, really. I jazzed up the black and white with a big colorful beaded necklace that I think will get a lot of wear this summer. 



There's my little diaper butt from behind! I almost went back and bought these in another color, but then I asked myself how many weirdly shaped pairs of shorts a girl really needed. Oh and that is my trusty Dooney & Bourke cross body that comes on every vacation with me. The color goes with pretty much anything and it's the perfect size. Sigh. I wish I was on vacation every week!


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