Monday, June 20, 2011

where did i park my boat?

I feel like this outfit belongs on a yacht somewhere. Though I almost always aspire to look like I just stepped off a yacht in the summer. Or I aspire to look like I just rolled out of bed. Could go either way.

[Shirt - Forever 21/Hat - Forever 21/Skirt - Old Navy/Shoes - Forever 21/Necklace - Forever 21/Sunnies - Betsy Johnson/Watch - Fossil]


This outfit is actually really old. Like, sometime in May old. I've been hoarding pictures. And trying not to take new ones until I use up these. Then I plan on cutting back my outfit photos, because it's just getting a bit tedious for me. I'm not ditching the blog - just switching it up a bit.

I felt pretty good in this outfit. It was such a gorgeous spring day that I decided to take a bit of a mid-day break and walk to the coffee shop near work and treat myself. Then I sat on a bench by the river and just relaxed. It was such a treat to just do that in the middle of the day, instead of being trapped in my crappy little cubicle. I need to make more time like that this summer!

Plus, someone saw me out walking and said "Oh cute outfit!" and just made my day. ;)




The whistle necklace in the picture below (you know, the one I accidentally cropped almost completely out of the picture?) is from Forever 21. It cost $1.50, I believe. But it has proved invaluable. You know why? It's the only thing my scrappy little mutt will respond to. I brought it home and just gave it a toot to see if it worked, and next thing I know a little white puppy is sitting at my feet, looking up at me obediently. Mom and I ran back to Forever 21 and bought another one, because this is seriously the only thing that little punk will come to.

Picnik collage


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