Friday, December 9, 2011

Ten Day Challenege: Seven Wants

Well this will either be easy or difficult - can I narrow my wants down to just seven? Here it goes...

1. I want to quit my job. It's always been bearable, but lately it's really bringing me down. It's not what I want to be doing and I desperately need a change. I haven't had any luck with any jobs I've applied for (like, not even a call for an interview luck) so I'm feeling pretty discouraged and trapped. Maybe I should just take a leap of faith and quit? - I love pretending I have the courage to quit my job

2. Shoes. I always want shoes, they are my weakness. Instead of seeing this as a problem, I prefer to think of myself as a collector. Of shoes.

3. A vacation. Preferably someplace warm and beachy. Or Disney World.

 How many times can I use this picture? Many. Many times.

4. The ability to be thin and healthy while sitting on my couch and eating things covered in cheese! And then fried! With ice cream! Dream big.

5. A MacBook. This is on my ultimate wishlist. I have an iMac, but now I'm tired of being chained to my desk. My bed is so much more comfortable than my desk chair. I am justifying this with the fact that I ma applying to grad school and you totally need a laptop for that. I actually plan on spending my coin jar money and my tax returns on this. Plus my very best friend works at Apple and told me I could use her friends and family discount.

6. My own place. I did have an apartment, but no longer. Sometime this spring I should back in my own place and basking in the peace and quiet of it all!


7. Flannel sheets. Yes, I am adding a completely utilitarian item to this list. I'm also cold right now and wish I was wearing a flannel jumpsuit. Mmm flannel.


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