Friday, December 23, 2011

Ten Day Challenge: Five Foods

Five foods, please. This is a cakewalk.  No food related pun intended. I love food.

1. Pasta - I'm Italian, what can I say? Give me any kind of pasta and I'll gobble it right up. If you have the chance to try homemade, fresh pasta - do it. It will change your life. If you're ever in Portland, ME make reservations at Paciarino. They make the past right there and you can watch through the window!

2. Pizza - Duh, who doesn't like pizza, amiright? Little Italy in Beverly, MA or Fauci's in Lynn, MA are my top picks for local pizza joints.

3. Mac & cheese - Homemade, with Ritz crackers crumbled on top.

4. Steak - I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. I like to go out to a fancy place and order a steak. Or sometimes I like to go to a casual place and get steak tips. Or maybe I just have a hankering for a steak and cheese. MEAT: it's what's for dinner. I will never go vegetarian.

5. Brownie sundae - Warm brownie, plus cold vanilla ice cream and all the fixin's on top? Hello, welcome to heaven, population: MY MOUTH.

This list is much more simple foods than I would have thought. I could go even simpler: cheese, bread, water, tomatoes. I could live forever on that.


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