Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i want this

Newest list of things I HAVE TO HAVE right now:

1. Denim Jacket from Old Navy: I have one that I bought there years ago, but it has no pockets! This one does, and I love me some pockets. I plan on taking my old one to the tailor to have the length and sleeves cropped to wear over sundresses.

2. Marc Jacobs Perfume Splash in Biscotti: I tried this at Sephora last week and I am obsessed. It's light and delicious and perfect for summer. Plus is comes in a HUGE bottle, thus justifying the price. I hate buying perfume, but this is one I wouldn't mind paying for.

3. Yoga Works Beginner's DVD: I always end up buying exercise DVDs then never using them. This was onDemand last month and I was obsessed with it. It's on sale right now so I will probably end up buying it because I did really love it. Then it will gather dust alongside Cardioke. Sigh.

4. T-Strap Sandal from American Eagle: I have no red sandals. This must be rectified. Plus I am feeling like I am "over" flip flops as a casual shoe. I now prefer my sandals securely strapped to my foot. Unless I am at the beach. In case anyone was wondering about my feeling on sandals.

Stay Tuned! Tomorrow is the first installment of "Things My Boyfriend Does." I hope it turns out as hilarious as these episodes are in real life.

watching: Murder on the Orient Express


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