Thursday, May 20, 2010

things my boyfriend does

Okay, here it is, a day late but whatever. The first installment of...Things My Boyfriend Does! This will be a semi-regular feature describing the little annoying/silly/ridiculous things my boyfriend does. I haven't exactly told him I'm doing this yet, since he'll probably put the kibosh on it. Maybe if everyone leaves supportive comments!

I have a whole slew of these anecdotes, but I think we'll start with the classics. Namely, The Other Berries.

So, for our first installment...

My Boyfriend Makes Grocery Lists

I keep a magnetic note pad on our refrigerator for the grocery list. When I think of something we need, I put i on the list. I encourage Boyfriend to do the same, only he rarely does. Then he complains that I didn't get him any food. I'm sorry for all the times I did this to my mother, truly.

One day, as I was waiting for a friend to pick me up to go out, I was standing in the kitchen, and noticed he had finally added something to the list. He had gotten a Magic Bullet for Christmas and was obsessed with making "Boozies" (a smoothie that starts off healthy, then he adds copious amounts of alcohol). His "Boozies" need lots of frozen fruit. So, in his chicken scribble, he had added his fruit needs to the list.

I stepped closer to read it. Something didn't look right. Is that how you spell...? And what exactly is...? Just then, my friend arrived to pick me up. I snapped a quick picture with my phone so I could show her Boyfriend's list:

That is definitely not how you spell "berries." I also enjoyed how he came up with three types of berries, most likely paused, thought really hard about what other kinds of berries exist, and settled on "other berries." Or, should I say, "other berrys." When I posted this on Facebook, it got a slew of comments. My favorites were - in response to one commenters' "What are other berries?" - "huckleberries" and, of course, "dingleberries."

He hasn't made a grocery list since.


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