Thursday, August 5, 2010

fall inspiration board

Well it's August, and I've already seen the leaves on some trees changing color, so of course I'm already thinking about my fall wardrobe. There's massive amounts of amazing inspiration out there right now, but there are a few looks I'm honing in on. Take a look at my inspiration board:

Clockwise from top L: Shopbop, JCrew, JCrew, Piperlime, JCrew

Can you tell I have a sick obsession with JCrew? I am bursting with anticipation for their catalogs every month. The way they style things is just impeccable and highly inspirational. I love the desert/olive green/army kind of thing they have going on in their August catalog. I will definitely be copying a lot of those looks with stuff from my own wardrobe.

The Shopbop outfit is so completely me it's ridiculous. I have an item similar to all of those in the picture in my closet already, so I will definitely be compiling this outfit when the weather cools down a bit.

I'm also loving the whole "Urban Ballerina" thing Piperlime has going on. I love mixing girlier items with hard-core stuff. Pink and black together or soft floaty dresses with tough leather jackets.  I think the idea captures who I am pretty well: I'm not a girly-girl and I'm not a punk rock chick either.

So that's my fall inspiration: an Urban Ballerina in the Desert.

Oh and let's not forget my Aria Obsession (crap! I missed this week's episode!):

This has kind of got the Urban Ballerina thing, with a touch of Boho. So: Urban Boho Ballerina in the Desert. Nothing like being different.

Also, I have made a decision. It's a big one for me, and I'm kind of scared of it, but I figure if I post it on here I'll have to stick to my guns. Don't make fun of me, because it sounds kind of ridiculous.

I am not going to buy any clothing during the month of September. None. Zip. This is a challenge for myself both to save money and force me to wear the things I already own. I have a closet bursting with clothes and I just keep adding more. So, wish me luck. And you bet I'll be going crazy for the rest of August. But I'm going to Disney World in November, and that is EXPENSIVE YO. Speaking of, any advice for what to wear to Disney? I want to look cute but still be comfy and able to enjoy myself without worrying about skirts flying up or tops falling down. Or looking a hot mess in my pictures with Cinderella. You know.

I've been swooning over this dress Emma Watson wore to Disney for the opening of Harry Potter World (um SO EXCITED FOR HARRY WORLD) and guess what guys?! It's from ModCloth. It's not an 8 trillion dollar Burberry custom dress. I CAN BUY IT. And wear it to Disney and not give a damn if the top is falling down or the skirt is flying up, because I will look like Emma Watson.

This is what stylish people wear to Disney.
"Why hello, I am Emma Watson! I am having such fun in Harry Potter World in my ModCloth dress! You too can have fun in this dress!"


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