Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last Sunday my mom, aunt and BFF went to Rockport to walk around and get our fortunes told. It was a cloudy and overcast day, but we were hoping the rain would hold off. Unfortunately, it didn't and we ended up cutting the day short. Rockport is a cute seaside town with little gift shops and whatnot and it's nice to walk around on a summer afternoon. On a drizzly, cold summer afternoon...not so much.

We did manage to hit up the candy store, where I got a dark chocolate covered Oreo as a treat. Mmmm, yummy. If I go to the Topsfield Fair this year, I am definitely going to try a fried Oreo. I love Oreos. And fried things. This seems like a no-brainer to me.

We also got our tarot cards read. I had gotten my palm read in Rockport years ago - freshman year of high school years ago - and it was totally spot on, so I've always wanted to go back and do it again. I feel like this was a good time in my life for a little peek into the future anyway. I thought the reading was pretty accurate, she seemed to know enough about me that I didn't think it was completely made up. I mean obviously you can't exactly a tarot card reading as the end-all-be-all of your future, but it was interesting none the less.

One of the gift shops had a viewing deck out back, so of course I had to head out and snap a few pictures. I love waterfront pictures. I have a bunch, but they're not hard to take in New England! I bought Boyfriend the Red Pepper Jelly he likes from this shop. It's slightly hard to come by. Put it on a cracker with some cream cheese...nom nom nom.

I'd love to have a house on the ocean some day. The psychic told Mom she'd have a second house in the next two years, so maybe we'll finally get the beach house we always wanted!

H&M sweater - Old Navy shorts - American Eagle sandals
Once it started raining we called it quits and headed towards home to go to the movies instead. We saw The Switch with Jennifer Aniston (who truth be told is not my favorite actress. The movies she's in tend to just be alright). It was cute and the little boy in it was adorable. Plus, Jason Bateman holds a special place in my heard due to my love of Arrested Development. <3

Those are fake birds. Fun with picnik!

Lots of adventures in store for this weekend, so there should be some good updates for next week! Stay tuned for a Things My Boyfriend Does as well!

[note: If I provide a link for an item of clothing, that means you can still find the exact item I am wearing or one like it at the store. If there's no link the item is old or the store has no website! :)]


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