Thursday, August 12, 2010

i want money! (that's what i want)

I love Marc Jacobs. If I was a rich lady I'd own a lot of Marc. Particularly handbags, but pretty much all of it. Here are some of my current OMG-I-die-like -Rachel-Zoe Marc Jacobs accessory items:

Modified Cat Eye Sunglasses - $98
I might have to move around some of my budget to allow for these babies. I love the black and teal ones. I think the shape would be really flattering, too.

"Flash Shapeshifter" Zip Trim Satchel - $478
This is what I would love to buy with my tax money this year. (Provided I get enough. Taxes suck man.) I love the color and the zipper details.

Mouse Ballet Flats - $230
Seriously, how cute are these? SO CUTE.

The Marc Jacobs stores also carry a bunch of awesome and affordable stuff. I highly recommend dropping into one and checking it out.
Floral Umbrella - $18
Charm Necklace - $16

Latin Bracelets - $7
[above images from]

 I love those bracelets. I have two of them but I may need more. Because they look awesome layered with other bracelets.

I feel your pain Lucas.


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