Thursday, August 19, 2010

you got the right stuff

Just a little run-down of how my week has been since I last checked in. I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off from work and today was my first day back. I liked relaxing better than working. I think I need some kind of sabbatical.

 Mini golf! Summer tradition. I let Boyfriend win this time...

 Hole 13, obviously.

 Watermelon Ale! Another summer tradition. This batch was particularly watermelon-y.

 Little Italy! This is a year round best-pizza-on-Earth tradition. Coming to a movie marathon Sunday near you! ;) [and 'Gansett, to keep it classy]

 I dig my toes into the sand...

 Sam Adams brewery tour for Boyfriend's birthday afternoon.

 Entrance to the brewing room.

 Mmm, beer. Plus, we got to keep the glasses.

 Televisions in someone's front yard. Someone drew faces in the dirt on them. This is what my brother's front yard will some day look like, because he is a pack rat.

 View from our restaurant at lunch. We ate at Post390, in the Back Bay.
 I just saw this on TV on a History Channel show about brewing beer. I was pumped to try it. It was really good.

 This is what Boyfriend ordered when I told him Guiness was boring (they had like four pages of beer! Try something new I say.)

 Calamari! Nom nom nom.

 Cupcake trio for desert! (I had already dug into the first one before I remembered to take a picture.)

 Boyfriend's creme brulee. It was restaurant week so we each got an appetizer, meal, and dessert. We're piggies. I was so excited to eat my sandwich that I forgot to take a picture, oops.

 Boyfriend and the Pru.

 Kids splashing in a fountain. Lady giving me a look.

Boyfriend got these to use on his motorcycle at night, but I thought they were awesome geek glasses, so I put them on and acted geeky. I don't need my glasses anymore and it was weird wearing them again.

So sorry if my life is boring, I've just been doing a lot of relaxing lately and loving every minute of it! I have some cooking posts and crafting posts coming up this weekend/next week, so stay tuned!


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