Friday, November 12, 2010

falling for you

This week has been pretty busy. The holiday season is approaching and already the people around me are gearing up. I'm pretty sure I know what I am buying for everyone on my Christmas list this year, but I haven't started the actual shopping. I should probably get on that, huh? Maybe after DISNEY WORLD. Did I mention at all that I am going to DISNEY WORLD next week?

These pictures are actually from Monday. Told you this week has been hectic. I've had time to snap some pictures, but that's about it. Plus, as all you other bloggers know, this whole getting dark early thing really cramps my style. Plus, there's no good light in my backyard this time of year. And I don't have the time nor the confidence to wander around with my tripod.

[cardigan - old navy/tshirt - american eagle/jeans - forever 21/boots - old navy/necklace - american eagle]

Another vey exciting thing that just happened today...I got a "new" job! Technically it is the job I have been doing for the past four and a half months, but they finally made it official. I'm so happy! It comes with a nice pay raise too, so I can start padding up my savings account, and maybe have a little left over for new purchases. ;)

Today was definitely an awesome Friday. Not only did I get a new job, but I finally managed to snag the Jeffrey Campbell boots I have been pining over for weeks. I was just sitting there at work, looking at my boots on Shopbop every so often and sighing, since they didn't have my size. Then, suddenly, there they were! In my size! You better believe I grabbed my credit card and snagged those. According to the site they were the last pair too! Well actually, I called and texted my Mom like a psychopath because they're a Christmas present and she was going to buy them. But she can just pay me back. Or Santa can pay me back, whatever.

My beloved booties! I am already mentally creating outfits around these beauties in my head. Just have to wait til Christmas!

What's on the top of your wish lists this year?


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