Friday, November 26, 2010

is there a doctor in the house?

Some people don't like to share their health issues on the internet. I am not one of those people. Also, it's 3:30 in the morning and I am desperate for help. Short of calling 911 (this isn't that bad) or spending a fortune on the emergency room (been there, done that, they didn't help) I decided to try reaching out on here. Don't worry - my ailment isn't gross.

For the past year or so I've been sporadically getting what doctors are telling me is just really bad heartburn. Really bad heartburn that lasts for three plus hours. Really bad heartburn that doesn't respond to heartburn medicine. Really bad heartburn that isn't triggered by any specific food I have been able to identify and wakes me up in severe pain in the middle of the night. Yeah, didn't sound like heartburn to me, either.

I had that test done where you drink godawful white chalky stuff and they take x-rays - they didn't see anything wrong. I've been to the ER where they just asked me questions, took some blood and told me they didn't see anything wrong. They told me it's not acid reflux and it's not my gallbladder. THEN WHAT IS IT. You people went to medical school for all those years to shrug at me?! So that's where all you amateurs come in. Does this sound familiar to anyone?!

It's a horrible burning pain in my upper rib area, not my chest, not my stomach, somewhere in between. Like I said, the "episodes" as I call them are random and can last from ten minutes to let's see, we're going on six hours tonight. That's a record! Depending on how I sit, the pain will move to the middle of my shoulder blades. Sometimes it will localize to the right side (which is why I'm fairly convinced it's my gallbladder) but usually it's just across my whole lower ribcage.

It hasn't happened in awhile and it's never a regular occurrence, but when it happens I'd rather be dead or heavily sedated until it goes away. Especially when it interrupts my sleep (which is always since it only happens at night). If this sounds familiar to anyone PLEASE HELP. I've been told I should get an ultrasound to check if it's my gallbladder. Should I ask my doctor? Bah, this is so annoying! I just wanna sleep! Also, I'm getting somewhat concerned that whatever is in my body that is making me feel this awful will burn it's way through all my organs and I'll end up a big, acid-eaten mess.

So yeah, any advice would be pretty awesome. I'll be here, awake and feeling sorry for myself.

Pathetically yours,


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