Tuesday, November 16, 2010

mr. scarecrow and me

It's been really hard to take pictures lately. Not only have I been super busy, but it gets dark so early now! I'd normally make it home from work in time to get some shots in while it's still light out, but it's also been really cloudy and overcast lately, so it hasn't worked out so well. Add on top of that the fact that my camera's flash is broken and things start looking really abysmal. Anyway, it is what it is.

These pictures are from sometime last week. I can't keep track. I've just been taking pictures when I have a chance and then never get around to posting them. I did the best I could with the lighting available in my house. I actually kind of like the yellow hue.

Only one more day until Disney! I feel like such a little kid, but I'm so excited! Hehe. I am so proud pf my packing job too. I mean granted, we're only going for four days, but still. I am a crazy over packer and I did not over pack even a little this time. I have an outfit for the plane, and an outfit for each day we're there, and a bathing suit. That's really it! I'll have to take pictures. We're only bringing carry on luggage so we don't have to check anything, so I just have a small suitcase. And it's not even full!

[cardigan - h&m/t-shirt - h&m with added embellishment by me/skirt - old navy/boots - old navy/tights - old navy]

I just want to do a quick shout out to the followers I have acquired recently! Thanks so much, I love all of your blogs and it feels so special to have you guys checking out my little blog! Much love.

Until next post!!


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