Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'mmm baaaccckkk!

After a refreshing summer hiatus, I'm back and ready to get into the swing of blogging again. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted this blog to be and how I wanted to present it, and I'm excited to get started!

You've probably noticed the new header, which I made myself with my minimal Photoshop skills. I've also updated the navigation bar along the top, adding some new pages which are not yet finished. I figured today I'd take you on a little tour of the changes I've made and the general feel of how things will be around here moving forward.

The about and contact tabs are pretty self explanatory, though I do plan on fleshing them out a bit more in the coming weeks. We'll skip over them for now, though.


I like to write, and I've been working on doing it more often. Every once in awhile I'd like to do posts where I feature writing I've done and think you guys would find interesting, other people's writing I have enjoyed, books I'm reading or even short pieces I write that will be found only on the blog.

This will give me the opportunity to practice my writing, as well as get feedback from you guys! I love book recommendations or recommendations for other types of writing and literature as well. This is where the contact tab comes in! Feel free to share what you'd like to see, things you enjoy or anything else. I've been toying with the idea of a Goosebumps style "you choose what happens next!" type of feature as well but we'll see.


This is where I'll keep posts about trips I've taken or fun things I've done. My goal is to try to get out more and do different things. This section will hopefully keep me accountable to this goal. Day trips, vacations, concerts, sporting events - all that stuff will fall into this category.

Live in New England or the Boston area? Have a suggestion about something cool to do or see, be it a restaurant, store, tourist attraction - let me know! I'm always looking for cool things to do!


Originally, my plan was for this blog to be very fashion oriented. I discovered that while personal style and fashion are interests of mine, they're not something I want to solely focus on. Putting myself in that box was keeping me from blogging as regularly as I would have liked. It was starting to feel like a chore. While outfit pictures and style related posts will still be a significant part of this blog, they will no longer be the main focus.

Sparkle is a Color is taking a turn more towards a lifestyle blog than a fashion blog, and I am happy about that. There will be other types of posts as well, ones that don't quite fit into any of the categories above. Really, I hope there will be a little something for everyone. I hope you stick around for everything that's coming, I'm really glad you're here! :)

xx, Katrina


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