Sunday, September 25, 2011

presents for mia

Mia is my dog. She is a petite Maltese that loves cuddling, face licking, and rides in the car. She also loves getting presents. Yes, you read that right. This dog not only understands the word presents, she gets really, really excited about them.

It's our fault. She's spoiled rotten and is constantly getting presents.

The problem is, whenever someone else gets a present, Mia automatically assumes it's for her. She hears the rustle of the tissue paper or the sound of wrapping paper being ripped and immediately comes running. She'll sniff wildly and bark at you, alternating between jumping like a circus dog and trying to sit patiently until she finds out what is in that gift.

So we feel really bad when we open gifts and she doesn't get one. Like I said, we spoil her. So we end up digging out some old toy she hasn't played with in awhile and putting it in an empty gift bag and convincing her it's a new toy. The joy this dog experiences when she sticks her head into a gift bag and pulls out a toy she's actually had for years is just too cute for words.

I can only imagine this is what Christmas morning feels like when you have kids. Is it a little strange and kind of sad that we do this? Probably.  But it's too darn cute for me to care.


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