Thursday, September 15, 2011

country to city

A few weeks ago I went on a little road trip vacation. I thought it was finally time I break out the pictures and share them! I warn you: there are quite a few.

We started our trip in Vermont. We stayed in Stowe, and on the way up we stopped at Killington and rode the gondola to the top of the mountain and hiked around a bit. The views were beautiful, but it was very windy. There were lots of pine trees up there though, so it smelled like Christmas! It was amazing. We ran into a group of guys who were hiking the Appalachian Trail. They had all started alone, from Georgia, at the end of April and had met up along the trail. It was the end of August and they were just nearly finished! That amazed me, I could never, ever do that. I don't sleep outside, heh.

When we finally made it up to Stowe, we checked into our hotel, strolled around the quaint little town, and got stuck in a rain storm. But we got to see an awesome rainbow so that made it okay. The next day we headed into Burlington, where we saw Lake Champlain and went to the Magic Hat brewery. I love a good brewery tour, and this one was pretty great. Plus: beer.

And then, as if all that wasn't enough, we went to the Ben & Jerry's factory. AMAZING. We saw the flavor graveyard, took a tour, and got ice cream cones. I went with the Late Night Snack flavor - vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl and chocolate covered potato chip clusters. Yes - chocolate covered potato chip clusters. If you love salty and sweet like I do, you need to try this.


From there we headed down to Atlantic City for a night, where we gambled (well, I didn't really. Not my thing) drank, ate and lounged. The next morning we were off for a day in SoHo so I could finally go to Topshop! We spent the day shopping, eating, and drinking. Eating and drinking are my favorite things, aside from shopping, so this day was pretty great.

Luckily for us, it happened to be restaurant week while we were there, so we ended up eating at David Burke Kitchen where I had a massive plate of the most delicious chicken ever and an apple tart for dessert. Perfect end to our trip. It was definitely whirl-wind, but also jam packed full of fun things. Now I'm busy planning my next adventure...


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