Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've been slacking in the blogging department lately, I apologize. Life just got rather hectic. I've been working overtime at work and have a few side projects that have been taking up most of my free time. I hope to have things back under control for next week, but until then, how about a few little random thoughts & things?

  • I admire that KFC is completely unapologetic about how outrageously unhealthy their food is. "We're KFC. Are we adding a 'healthy options' menu? No. We've created a bowl of mashed potatoes and fried chicken topped with bacon bits. You're welcome."
  • Are you guys watching 2 Broke Girls? Because it is hilarious, and you should be. 
  • My fabulous friend Helen has a blog, and she is hilariously sharing her dating pratfalls. You guys should check it out. It will make your love life look so sane and tame.
  • Have you seen the trailer for Hunger Games yet?! I'm unabashedly excited for this. Here you go. You're welcome.
  • Thanksgiving is next week. THANKSGIVING IS NEXT WEEK. How did this happen? Where did November go? Truth: not a big fan of turkey. Unless it's fried. But the mashed potatoes and stuffing? That's why I show up. I invented carbo-loading.
*Edit: added link to Fabulous Helen's blog (YOU'RE WELCOME) ;)


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