Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving: "Friendsgiving"


As we all get older, "Friendsgiving" becomes a thing. We get our own apartments, we learn to use the stove, and begin buying food for ourselves. Thus it is only a natural progression that we want to host elaborate dinners for our friends. So "Friendsgiving" was born. Friendsgiving is always better than regular Thanksgiving for several reasons - the turkey is usually fried (seriously, you haven't lived until you've had fried turkey), there is always more alcohol involved. and there is zero family drama. 

Comfort is key on Friendsgiving. No one is going to judge you for going in for seconds (or thirds...or fourths). They'll all be too drunk to notice. A loose-fitting dress and comfy booties are perfect for pre-dinner dancing and post-dinner food babies. A nice, heavy necklace will add just the right amount of glam, while simultaneously pulling your head closer to your plate - ideal for those serious eaters. The arrowhead ring is a cheeky nod to the Native Americans and is cuter than a turkey hat made of paper, like the one you made in second grade.


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