Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten Day Challenge: 8 Fears

I forgot to post this on Friday. My bad. Here is my list of Eight Fears! Hope you all had a completely un-fear-filled weekend!

 1. Puking - This is honestly my number one fear. I don't like it. I avoid it at all costs. People may say "How can you avoid puking? What if you get sick?" I just don't. It's all in your minds, people. If you tell yourself you're not gonna throw up, you won't throw up.

2. Killers - Like, duh.

3. Being mauled by farm animals - I got chased by a rogue sheep when I was seven. It was traumatizing.

4. June bugs - I don't know how common these are in other places, but I grew up spending summers on Cape Cod and at night these giant beetles that we called June bugs would come out. They would cling to the screens on the windows and I'd take great enjoyment in flicking them off. They make loud buzzing noises and my grandmother got one caught in her hair when she was a child and that's always been my fear. *shudder*

5. My house burning down - Again, like, duh. When I was little I used to make evacuation plans. My bedroom was on the first floor and I had a giant bin filled with stuffed animals. Fill bin with all stuffed animals and valuables. Drop bin out window. Jump into bin. It was obviously every man for himself, because my plan involved the rest of my family finding their own way out. Sorry, family.

6. Myself or a loved one getting a terrible disease - This would just be the worst. I think we can all agree.

7. Going to space - I would never get on a spaceship. Astronauts puke all the time in space. Plus, what a long and boring flight. The only way I would even go to space would be my choice was "stay on Earth and die, or go to space." Even then I'd only go if we were traveling to an uber-cool space station like Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

8. Zombie apocalypse - I just started watching The Walking Dead, can you tell? Don't worry guys, I have a survival plan. In involves moving into a Wal-Mart.

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