Friday, November 18, 2011

Ten Day Challenge: Ten Secrets

So normally I don't participate in any of these kinds of challenges, because I am lazy and prone to dropping the ball on these things. I'm sure no one remembers the 30 Day Photo Challenge I started, because I only got to day two.

HOWEVER, I am giving this one a try, because my dear friend Helen is doing it and I enjoy reading her entries.Plus it's only ten days, maybe I can handle that. Though I think I will only do these once a week and make it a ten WEEK challenge just to keep things lively over here. And also to be a bit of a rebel, not gonna lie. This is how it goes:

Day 1 = 10 secrets
Day 2 = 9 loves
Day 3 = 8 fears
Day 4 = 7 wants
Day 5 = 6 places
Day 6 = 5 foods
Day 7 = 4 books
Day 8 = 3 films
Day 9 = 2 songs
Day 10 = 1 picture

So today is Day One, so here are my Ten "Secrets." (Like I'm really going to share my deepest darkest secrets with the internet.) Also: TEXT HEAVY POST.

1. I sing with my brother a lot. No, we can't actually sing. We don't even really like each other. This isn't some kind of family band hipster thing where I have a maraca and he plays guitar and we harmonize. Typically we are just belting out "Bohemian Rhapsody" randomly. We also like to just talk in the tune of "Bohemia Rhapsody" - "Mama! Oohhhh! You forgot to feed the dog, she will starve to death before tomorrow, feed her noowwww, feed her nowwww!" We also do a mean rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside" during the holiday season/year round.

2. I still sleep with a blankie. I'm not even embarrassed about this. It's a raggedy excuse for a blanket, since I've had it since I was a baby, but I can't sleep without it. It's been on every vacation and sleepover I've ever been on. Once, when I was, like, two, the whole family was walking a boardwalk through a marsh on Cape Cod and my blanket fell into the marsh. My dad had to climb down and get it out of the muck.

3.My favorite snack ever is Wendy's french fries dipped in a chocolate frosty. Sooo good! But I never have it anymore because it's probably responsible for all the weight I gained in my early 20s.

4. I already have the name of my first child picked out (it's going to be a girl, obviously) and everyone in my family knows this and calls her by name already. As in - "Oh my god, Baby Julia will look so cute in this dress!" "You're definitely not allowed to babysit Baby Julia, ever."

5. I am a member of a VERY expensive gym, and I don't go nearly enough to justify the cost. I have bouts when I am really good about going, but I've fallen off the wagon recently. I really need to get back into the habit, because when I do go, I feel so much better - mentally and physically.

6. I have a shopping problem. It's kind of major. Not major to the point where I am up to my eyeballs in debt or anything, more like "I keep buying things even though I have TONS of clothes and TONS of shoes and it's not necessary for me to buy things." I really need to reel it in, as I'd like to pad my savings more and actually WEAR all the clothes I already have, but it's like an addiction. At least it's not a nasty coke habit, right?

7. I love planning vacations. I sit around all the time planning dream vacations online. I have multiple trips to Disney world planned out. I have a rough draft of my future honeymoon. I drool over the locales features on Jetsetter daily. If only I had the income to support my desire to travel. While it can be a hassle planning vacations that you actually TAKE, especially with multiple people involved, I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it. I've entertained the thought of becoming a travel agent. Do those still exist?

8. Speaking of jobs - I think my dream is to be an author. I'd at least like to write a book some day. That is definitely one of my life goals - to finish a book and send it to publishers. I won't hedge any bets on whether or not it gets published, though.

9. If the author thing doesn't work out, I definitely want to work in a more creative field. I'd love to work for some kind of small company that is just really awesome. Can someone make that happen please? I am a fast learner and a hard worker, though my boss told me yesterday I am a little too "zen." So if you're looking for someone who won't FREAK OUT about every little thing, I'm your girl.

10. I have a survival plan for the zombie apocalypse. But in the event I get bitten, I fully expect each and every one of you to be willing to shoot me in the head. I cannot go through life as a zombie. Not cute.


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