Thursday, November 17, 2011

thanksgiving: classic casual

Thanksgiving - Classic Casual

With the holidays rapidly approaching (still can't believe next week is Thanksgiving) I thought I would do a few posts for what to wear to all the holiday get-togethers we inevitably go to. I know I like to have a few outfit choices on hand just in case something comes up spur of the moment. 

This first look is almost exactly what I am wearing to my family Thanksgiving this year. Not too dressed up, not too casual, but nice enough for a holiday dinner with the family. The skirt has a nice high waist so there's actually plenty of room for your Thanksgiving food baby under there, but you won't look like you're wearing a muumuu you borrowed from Great Aunt Gertrude. 

The shoes are a nice comfy wedge that is easy to walk and stand in, but not easy enough that you get roped into playing any kind of outdoor sport with the males in your family.The pale colored sweater might be a risk (cranberry sauce! Red wine! Gravy boat mayhem!) but I think we're all pretty good at avoiding spills, right?

What are you wearing to your family dinner this year?


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