Friday, November 25, 2011

Ten Day Challenge: Nine Loves

1. My iPhone. Call me superficial, call me a nerd, call me a tech addict - I don't care. I rely on my beloved iPhone for to-do lists, appointments, photography, networking, distractions, communication, calculations...I couldn't live without it.

2. My puppy. She's not a puppy anymore, but she'll always be my little baby Mia. Look at that face!

3. My friends and family. Duh. Who doesn't love their friends and family? Though mine are pretty spectacular. plus, they seem to like me which is both amazing and awesome.

4. Coffee. I can't live without my coffee. I only need one, in the morning, but if I don't have it all hell breaks loose.

5. Yoga. I may not be going as often as I should be, but I love it. It's the only workout I actually enjoy, and I leave the gym feeling like a million bucks instead of a pile of poo.

6. Sleeping. Oh my gosh, I just love to sleep. There is nothing better than going to bed exhausted and sleeping until you can't sleep no more.

7. My closet. Though I guess, specifically, the clothes in my closet. I just love getting up every morning and putting together an outfit.

8. Food. I love food. I won't deny it. I love trying a new restaurant, I love having dinner at my grandparent's on Fridays, I love eating pizza from my favorite pizza place. Now I'm hungry.

9. Vacations. Who doesn't?


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