Monday, March 5, 2012

Blogger Meet Up & Macaroons





Last Saturday night I met up with Casey of Girl in the Poodle Shoes for a night of chatting and desserts. It was pretty much amazing.

We first met at the Boston Blogger meet up last month and instantly hit it off. Every time she said something I replied with "Me too!" and every time I said something she said "Exactly!" so obviously we are just kindred spirits.

We discovered that neither one of us had ever had a macaroon (those pretty French cookies that seem to be all over every blog) so we decided to meet up in Harvard Square and find us some macaroons! I was running horribly late but finally met up with Casey in the bar at Fire & Ice where we each had a beer and talked blogging and shopping lists and being girls who like beer (and brewery tours!). As I suspected, we had a lot in common. :)

From there we headed over to L.A. Burdick for some macaroons. Neither one of us had even been to or noticed this little chocolate shop, but it is absolutely adorable. They had macaroons in lots of yummy flavors. We each had a pumpkin and Casey picked a chocolate while I went with raspberry. SO GOOD. They're also known for their hot chocolate, so we got some of that too. Casey asked for "the best" kind they had, which happens to be half white chocolate and half dark chocolate. Get some, and prepare for your socks to be knocked off. It's basically warm melted chocolate. Imagine the chocolate river from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now put it in a cute little cup. SO GOOD.

Needless to say, it was am amazing time and we're planning on getting together again soon (Titanic in 3D?!).


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