Tuesday, March 6, 2012

weekend warrior






This past weekend was all kinds of amazing. On Saturday I went snowboarding for the second time ever, and I didn't hate it! I'll do a separate post all about it once I get the pictures of me (snowboarding!) from Boyfriend.

On Sunday I purged almost my entire closet. I pulled out all my clothes and weeded through them, trying everything on and getting rid of things that didn't fit right or that I didn't love. There were so many things that were too big for me! Best feeling ever. Bags and bags of stuff are going to Goodwill and I still have to go through all my pants and sweaters. I'm trying to really simplify things and not use this as an excuse to fill my closet to bursting again!

I know I'll be moving in a few months, and I really don't want to shlep all this clutter with me, so I'm trying to go through all my stuff and be really strict about what stays and what goes. It isn't easy, that's for sure!

And right on cue my mom just came into my room and handed me some brand new hot pink hanging file folders! I'm off to file things!

Jacket: Forever 21
Sweatshirt: Madewell
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Marshall's (similar)
Necklace: Spike the Punch
Sunnies: Ray Ban


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