Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Diary: March 17th, 2012

I think I might start doing some "Dear Diary" type posts to re-cap each week. I'm thinking I'll post them on Saturdays or Sundays and they'll probably be me just keeping track of my life for future trips down memory lane.

Of course, if you're a huge voyeur like I am you might find the small details of my life fascinating. If not, then just skip on through.

Also, as you may have noticed, I'm desperately trying to stick to some kind of editorial calendar for my posting schedule, but it's proving trickier than I thought since I can't seem to find recurring features I love enough to stick to.

One I AM loving is my Friday Favorite. I'm really enjoying finding things I love and then talking about them. I do this to my friends and family constantly anyway, so I might as well share my loves with the whole internet, too!

So, this week was my birthday week. I turned 26 on Tuesday and went out for a delightful dinner & dessert with my love. Which turns out I never pressed "publish" for that post so it just went up now. Whoops.

But the fun started before Tuesday! Sunday I spent the afternoon wandering Newbury Street with the bestie, and it was a perfect day for it! We've been really lucky with the weather lately. We got BerryLine, which only further cemented my love for frozen yogurt. The only problem is I've started craving it, and there are no frozen yogurt places convenient to home!

Monday I helped my hairdresser out by being a hair model for a class they were having at my salon. It was super exciting to get my hair done, see some Bumble & Bumble stylists in action, and admire the looks the other girls at the salon were doing. Definitely a nice treat for a Monday afternoon.

The rest of the week was pretty was stress-free, but boring and I spent my nights eating too many cupcakes and not going to the gym. It was my birthday week, so that makes it okay, somehow. ;) Back at it this week!

Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, and Boyfriend and I actually went out! We went to our favorite old dive bar and had green beer, lunch, and hung out with old friends. I had my first black and tan as well as my first Irish car bomb. It was a crazy afternoon for me. Just because we were out having fun doesn't mean we're suddenly exciting now...we were home and in bed by nine. We're such old people!

Today was spent cleaning out my car (it desperately needed it, it looked like a Dunkin Donuts graveyard in there), running errands, and relaxing. The weather was SUPER nice (75 degrees in March!). It was pretty much a perfect Sunday. I'm feeling pretty sleepy now and slightly worried I might be coming down with something, which would be horrible. We leave for Disney a week from tomorrow!


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