Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i can see clearly now!

Well, almost. My vision still isn't perfect yet. Staring at the computer or watching a lot of TV are actually the most uncomfortable things to do since it puts such a strain on them. Unfortunately, I work 8 hours a day in front of a computer. Grrr.

The surgery was a piece of cake, seriously. I had two of my wisdom teeth taken out at the dentist with only Novocain and that was far, far more horrendous than having my eyes lasered.

They offer you Valium to take before hand, but I always get nervous things like that will make me sick, plus I didn't want to be all loopy, so I didn't take it. When I got into the surgery room (they legit line you up assembly-line style to take you into the surgery, it only takes maybe ten minutes to do the actual lasering) the doctor asked if I took the Valium. When I said no, he said "Well then don't squirm" with an attitude. So I said "I won't squirm" with an attitude right back. And I didn't squirm. Afterward he admitted I didn't need the Valium, I did so well. Told him so. It was really just a bit uncomfortable but really not bad at all. I was seeing better immediately after, but things were still really fuzzy. The next morning it was like a miracle. It will take a few weeks before I am seeing perfectly, but I am able to see and function and drive and everything. I highly, highly recommend it.

More post to come on recent activities and whatnot, but I really haven't wanted to be in front of the computer, unfortunately.

My life now - tons of eyedrops! But my sunglasses are back!

I had to change the font on my work computer to Extra Large. Getting more Nana-like every day.


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