Thursday, April 22, 2010

let's talk multi-vitamins

Outfit posts to come later...but let's just digress a bit.

I recently started taking a multi-vitamin. It just seemed like a good idea. I'm sure I'm not getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals from the crap I eat, and my mother was horrified when I told her I didn't take them. She also would not allow me to get the gummy kind. Sad face.

Anyway, multi-vitamins are always the size of a small stone or a large pebble. I realize they are cramming all the nutrients from A to Z in there, but seriously. They intimidate me. I take the pill out of the bottle, and already I have anxiety. I have to stand up, these pills cannot be faced sitting down. I need gravity to be completely on my side with this.

Some days I can't get it down. I panic and my throat just rejects the vitamin. I keep chugging and trying and panicking, but no luck. Now the vitamin has begun to dissolve. Do you know what a dissolving vitamin tastes like? Disgusting. I'm trying to be consistent and take it every day, but if I don't see some kind of discernible change in my health then I'm not sure these are worth the trouble.

Side note: I am attempting to spice up the lay-out of this bad girl am I doing? My computer graphic-ing skills are pretty much at zero. In my head, the outline I have planned is delightful and pretty. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to make my vision match the final product!


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