Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i'm not wearing any pants challenge: day 2

Back to work today, sadly. Happily it was warm enough to go sans tights. Again, home alone with no tri-pod. Today I propped it up on my dining table. I really need to get someone to take pictures for me, but my boyfriend and I are rarely home at the same time. Plus once I get home I usually change into comfy clothes to lounge around or work out in.

Here I look like a giantess because the camera slid down so it was kind of pointing at an upward angle. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow will yield a camera-person.

It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, so I am hoping for more skirt-sans-tights weather! Though that does leave the issue of what to put on my feet. Hmmm.

Today I opted for my Oh Deer! boots that I got on Overstock last year and I love them. Except for one feature which I'm sure was supposed to be a selling point:

 The back of the boot is open to reveal a metallic copper-colored strip. Did not know about this until I received the boots. Not to mention the edges fold over and stay that way from me crossing my legs all day. I actually hate this about these boots, but I try to ignore it since I seldom see the back of my legs. (Which by the way, look heinous at this time of year, sans tan.)

Close-up of the stupid slit, in all it's folded-over glory.


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