Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend update

Just spent way too much time trying to be creative with my blog layout only to decide simple is better.

ANYWAY, this weekend was awesome and I am here to share!

Saturday was a nice quiet afternoon. Went walking with Mom, then grabbed dinner at Qdoba with Jamie (courtesy of my Dad, he gave us coupons for a free meal), followed by dessert at Dairy Queen since Blizzards were buy one get on for a quarter! We brought Nick home a Blizzard because we are nice. Then we watched The Bounty Hunter. After that we had to quickly get ready to meet her sister at a bar in Beverly.

Bestie and I, being very happy :D

Sunday was a busy day. Nick and I got up and got ready, then stopped by my cousin's birthday party for a bit before heading down to Providence.

River Walk

I wanted to leave early so we could get to Providence before American Apparel closed. I figured as long as we were there I might as well get to shop! I finally bought the dusty pink colored hoodie I have been coveting for months. Then we walked around downtown, and grabbed a snack at Joe's Bar & Grill. Providence is a pretty cool city to walk around.
  Nick in the street                                          Me on the River Walk

There were some cool art displays to look at. The first picture is of a huge tile mural that looks like it was done after 9/11 and the second picture is part of a HUGE multi-window display of costumes from a performance art group. It was amazing.

We just walked around until the main event...Streetlight Manifesto at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel! The venue was really cool inside and was kind of set up like a chill bar that just happened to have really great bands playing too. I was sooo tired but the show was still awesome. I fell right into bed at soon as I got home. Amazing weekend :)


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