Sunday, July 11, 2010

'cause that's my fun day

Ahhh Sunday! Sunday is my favorite day of the weekend, despite the fact that it is the last day of the weekend, because it's usually the day I get to do whatever I want and just sit around and be lazy.

Or, the day I decide to intensely clean the entire apartment. Whatever.

Boyfriend left on a week-long motorcycle trip this morning (sad! and scary!) so I figured I'd clean the apartment up real good today and enjoy it for the whole week while he wasn't here to mess it up. :) I'm actually having a great time doing it. Granted, I haven't gotten much cleaning done, but I feel very productive. I've gotten to peruse the internet without anyone hasslin' me, I finally put the heels that never fit me up for auction on eBay, and I have THREE new magazines to read later!

Right now I'm deep cleaning the bedroom and watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights (love you Carey Elwes circa this movie and Princess Bride!). At 1:30 abc Family is finishing up their Harry Potter weekend, so that's what I will be watching when I finally move along to cleaning the living room.  Ahh, nothing like a nice clean apartment! I even got new sheets for the bed, so excited to climb into them tonight!

What is everyone else doing on this glorious Sunday?

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