Monday, July 26, 2010

things my boyfriend does

Despite what I have written about in detail on here, Boyfriend does not always make me want to pull my hair out. Sometimes he does nice and lovely things. For instance, because he works overnights, he usually brings me an iced coffee and a bagel on Saturday mornings. This is nice and makes me happy.

I've been pretty stressed out with work lately, where before it used to be relaxing to go to work. So when I come home I am usually frazzled and desperate to just sit down and relax. So one day last week, Boyfriend agreed to make dinner. I wasn't expecting anything fancy, just something involving chicken because I had taken it out of the freezer.

Well, lo and behold I came home to a Boyfriend-prepared feast!

He had bought my favorite beer and had one chilled and ready for me when I walked in the door. He also had a plate of cheese and crackers prepared. Pepper jack cheese too, mmmm!

Boyfriend, slaving away in the kitchen. Note all the open cabinets/drawers...we'll be discussing that in next week's edition.

The finished product! Corn, garlic mashed potatoes, and chicken with bacon and provolone on top! Diet? No. Delicious? Yes! Score one for Team Chubby Katrina.

So there it is, a non-humorous, kind post about Boyfriend. Because I think he deserves it. He even cleaned up after himself when he was finished! And as far as I know, he used all the correct cleaning products!


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