Monday, July 12, 2010

things my boyfriend does

I'm going to do something a little different with this post. Since I've been slacking on these the past two weeks (I've been busy! Sue me.) I'm going to do a Special Edition of Things My Boyfriend Does. Because he's not always making a mess and being obnoxious. Ten percent of the time he's not even home!

This week, for instance he's on a motorcycle trip with his Best Friend to Virginia Beach. There was supposed to be a third Amigo, but he bailed at the last minute and Boyfriend is all salty about it. Anyway, since I'm scared he might die, I've been having him update me along the way - with pictures! So here's where he's been:

First picture update, Catskill, NY. This was yesterday, when he left.

Route 30, somewhere in the Catskill Mountains. They went west from here (from Boston, basically) then they were going south.

There he is! Boyfriend needs a bigger bike, look how huge his Best Friend's his compared to his! Someday, because I think he has more important things to spend money on right now (me).

Today they got caught in some nasty thunderstorms along route 11 in PA so they didn't make it as far as they planned today. If you see Boyfriend out on the road give him a honk and please don't run him over! I can't deal with that kind of stress.

P.S. Notice the new layout? I did it myself more or less! I wish I had more skillz to really fancy it up, but I think this is a definite improvement.


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