Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fall wishlist - part 1

I know it's only just July, but I'm already thinking about fall clothes. The stores are already starting to carry "back to school" stuff, so I've fast-forwarded to crisp leaves and apple pie. And, of course, new clothes. :)

Since it is only July, I'm just gonna go ahead and call this part 1, since I'm sure more will follow.

Aldo Elfering - AE Leopard Flats - Madewell Lace Illusion - Madewell Skinny Ankle - Aldo McKew

The brogues were on sale when I was perusing the Aldo site looking for a pair to use as an example, so I went right ahead and bought them! And I got an extra 10% off for signing up for their email club. They actually should have arrived at my Mom's today so I am going by later to get them! I hope I like them. Look how cute the brogues look with the ankle skinnies!

Speaking of the skinnies, I need a new pair of black ones, hence their appearance on this list. My cheapie Forever 21 pair have seen better days. I've heard nothing but good things about Madewell jeans and they have an inseam I won't need to get hemmed, so I think they will be worth the splurge.

The boots, on the other hand, will not be mine. I do not love them $110. But I am counting on finding a similar pair somewhere on the cheap. I'm looking for a short pair of motorcycle-ish boots (under $50) so if anyone sees any good ones let me know!

The Madewell tee is gorgeous. I love it. My love justifies the $42 for a tee shirt thing. I feel it can be dressed up or down.

Leopard flats. Adorable. I've been coveting a pair for awhile, so I'm finally going for it. Plus, I have a coupon.

Anybody else already have a fall wish list started, or am I the only crazy?


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