Saturday, July 31, 2010


So, remember that ModCloth writing thing I told you guys about? The one I only had a week to write something for? Well I hemmed and hawed all week about it, settling on a general idea of what to write about but not really being able to get into it. I kept wanted to quit and just say "Forget it, I'll never be able to write anything decent in the time I have," but I didn't. I kept at it. I'm pretty impressed. Because I ended up knocking the whole thing out, starting over from basically scratch, in the last three hours. Go me! It's just a sweet little short story, and maybe someday I'll share it on here, but it's the first thing I have ever submitted for any kind of publication and it's kind of exciting! Now I need to step away from the screen and de-compress. Phew!


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